Real Innovation. Real Solutions. Real Pain Relief for Your Hard-Working Feet

When foot or ankle pain keeps you from doing your job or participating in the activities you love, it’s time to find a solution. Our podiatrist, Dr. Donald Carlson, has been helping people of all ages get back on their feet for over 27 years. We are committed to finding a conservative, affordable option for treating your painful foot or ankle condition.

The practice of podiatry has changed considerably since we first opened our doors in Hermiston, and Dr. Carlson has evolved our clinic to keep up with the latest innovations. Even though he offers a variety of the latest, most effective treatments and will perform surgery when necessary, his focus is always on eliminating your pain, not selling a service. Whether you’re on your feet all day on the job, have diabetes and are concerned about your foot health, or want to learn more about how orthotic shoe inserts can reduce your foot, knee, and back pain, we’re here to help.

When you visit our office, you’ll meet a team dedicated to solving your foot and ankle problems, so you can work without pain, walk your daughter down the aisle without a limp, and hike or hunt without falling behind the group. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation and learn about your treatment options.