Bone Spurs

Bone spurs can appear in a variety of locations on the foot.

Bottom of the heel

Many people are told that they have a bone spur in the bottom of their heel.  That bone spur goes along with plantar fasciitis.  The plantar fascia is the ligament in the bottom of the foot, and it will pull and irritate the bottom of the heel bone, and after a while, a spur of bone will start to grow and will be pointed toward your toes.  

Back of the Ankle

This can also happen where your Achilles’ tendon attaches, so we commonly see a spur on the bottom of the heel and on the back of the ankle.  

Top of the foot

Spurs can also occur across the top of the foot, when these little bones rub together, and over time, build a spur of bone.  

Sometimes spurs do not cause pain.  In the bottom of the heel, it’s the inflammation of the tissue, and not the spur, that causes pain. On the top of the foot, that bone spur can rub on the shoe and irritate a nerve, often causing pain.  They are treated differently.

If you have a bone spur or other foot pain, come see us and get help!


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