Braces: A solution for foot and ankle pain

Many people suffer from foot and ankle pain due to arthritis, past injury, or simply too many miles on yTayCo brace 3our feet and legs. There are many treatments for foot and ankle pain and you should never just “put up with it.”

For those looking for a nonsurgical solution to their pain, foot and ankle braces may be an answer.  These come in  a variety of shapes and sizes as well as pre-made and custom made depending on the needs of the person. 

Our focus today is a new style of brace called the Tayco external brace.  Prior to this, all foot and ankle braces would fit inside the shoe.  The challenge to this is finding a shoe that can accommodate your foot and the brace.  This can also potentially cause one leg to be slightly longer than the other which could result in additional problems.

What is the TayCo brace?
The TayCo external ankle brace is the only light weight functional alternative to the walkTayCo #2ing boot.  Originally designed to provide stability for elite athletes,  TayCo gets  patients back in the game of everyday life without the hassle that can come from other braces. This goes over the shoe but is not permanently attached which means you can use it with a variety of your shoes or boots.

When is the TayCo brace used?

There are both acute and chronic applications.  Examples of acute applications would be ankle sprains or other foot or ankle injuries.  Ankle sprains can be common in athletes but can happen to any of us who happen to step in a hole in our backyard.  Examples of chronic conditions include arthritis, ligament disorders, foot drop, tendinitis, stress fracture, Achilles tendon problems, diabetic problems and cartilage disorders. 

For those who will need to use the brace for a long-term or have more severe deformities, a custom-made brace is the right choice.

If you are suffering from foot or ankle pain, come and see us today for a complete examination and diagnosis.  Perhaps a TayCo brace or something similar may be the answer you are looking for to get you back to the life you love.
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