The Slight EdgeThe Slight Edge

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson has been one of my favorite books for many years. This book is about making small decisions daily that add up to large benefits over time. Jeff Olson states “in a year, you will be the result of every little decision you made.”

Example #1

You go out for lunch and have the choice of water or soda for your drink. You choose the soda. The next morning you wake up and there are no changes. You feel the same, you look
the same, you weigh the same. But if you make that choice every day for a year, then you will notice negative effects. These come on very slowly so you may not think about it until your doctor reviews your lab results. However if you choose the water you will see positive effects in your body.

Example #2

Reading great books. Many people have the goal of reading more. This can be a challenge in our busy lives. How about if you read just ten pages a day? Now this goal becomes
doable. Will ten pages of a great book change you when you wake up the next morning? Of course not! But those ten pages, read every day for a year, will add up to around fifteen books after twelve months! That’s sixty books in five years! Now that’s a game changer. How does this relate to foot and ankle problems? Well, it certainly can help your overall health
by making those small positive changes done over a long period of time. Give it a try! Positive results await!

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