Bunions and Treatment Options

Dr. Carlson here again.  Today, we’re going to talk about bunions.  You may have heard about bunions. Basically, a bunion is a bump on the side of the foot, usually behind the big toe, but there’s also a type of bunion that occurs behind the little toe.  It’s a fairly common problem. Usually, it’s genetic in nature, and it can be irritated by shoes.  If you’re someone who wears a tighter fitting shoe or a dressier shoe, you’re more likely to get irritation on that bump, and that’s what will bring a lot of people in with bunion pain.  

Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are a lot of things that we can do for bunions.  There are a lot of simple things, if it hasn’t progressed too far.  One thing is to wear a wider shoe, so you’re not getting pressure on that bump.  There are also gel pads that can be made or purchased to protect that bump.  Also, sometimes we’ll use orthotics, which we’ve discussed in a different video, which will keep that joint from flexing too much, and often that will take away pain.  Surgery is also an option.

The bunion is caused by the first metatarsal, which goes off at an angle.  It’s not just a bump that grows, but is actually a bone that goes out at an angle, and that creates the bump.  As a result, if you do end up needing surgery, what needs to be done is removal of the bump, but that bone also needs to be repositioned.  That certainly can be done, and is something that we do quite commonly.  

If you’re having trouble with bunions, I can certainly talk with you about treatment options that are right for you. Give us a call!

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