Diabetic Neuropathy

We see a lot of diabetic neuropathy in our office, and November is Diabetic Awareness month.  With diabetic neuropathy, there are two components to it.  Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s numb, and sometimes you have both at the same time.  Therefore, we really have to dig in and get the right diagnosis.  The way we do that is with our yearly CDFE, or Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam, where we really dig in and check your circulation, check the nerves, check for neuropathy, check for any danger signs and make sure that your feet are in good shape.  

Pain and Numbness

Pain and numbness are treated differently.  When you have pain, there are vitamins, medications, and topical medications that can help.  Sometimes we combine those – everyone is different.  With numbness, the idea is “Inspect and protect.”  You want to be sure to look at your feet every day for any red spots or anything that might be rubbing.  Check between your toes. You want to protect your feet by always wearing something on your feet:  slippers at home, good shoes, diabetic shoes.  We do Medicare diabetic shoes in our office all year long, so be sure to contact us and get your CDFE done this year.