Orthotics Can Solve Many Problems in the Foot and Ankle

Dr. Carlson here again!  Today, we’re going to talk about custom orthotics.  I have an example of one in my hand, something we frequently use in our office to help fix foot and ankle problems.  With a custom orthotic, we look at fixing the instability, or weakness in the foot or ankle.  This is often the cause of many types of pain and problems.  We use anti-inflammatory medications or physical therapy to fix pain and inflammation, but then we need something to get to the root cause of the problem, and often it’s that mechanical instability.

This orthotic is a prescription device.  It is made specifically for you, for the person who is having the problem.  Orthotics work a lot like eyeglasses, in the sense that they're my prescription, and while I use them, they fix my problem and I’m able to function in a normal manner.  

Orthotics work in the same way.  Once they’re made, they go in your shoes, you forget about them, and they’re working for you all the time.  They can be made to fit a variety of shoes, so that you’re able to wear them every day.

So if you’re having trouble with your feet or ankles, come and talk with us!  It’s possible that we can fix your problem with a simple orthotic device. 

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