Choices in Orthotics

In a previous video, we discussed custom orthotics that are often used for various types of foot pain, including plantar fasciitis.  They work extremely well.Power Steps

Today, we will talk about “PreFabs,” or pre-fabricated orthotics.  These are ready-made, ready to go right in your shoes.  These are much better and more sophisticated than those that you will find at Wal-Mart or other pharmacies.  Here are a few examples.

Power Step

This is our flagship PreFab, called the PowerStep.  We’ve used these for 20 years with excellent success.  They replace the insole, usually in your athletic shoe, and give you plenty of support and cushioning.  They work very well.

ProLab PreFab

These are made of plastic and work well in a dressy or casual shoe, as they are a little more narrow and will fit into those shoes.  They also work very well.  


A somewhat new product is Quadrasteps.  These are named so because they are broken down into six quadrants, according to your foot type.  They will accommodate the very high arch, the very low arch and everything in between, including all the twists and turns that we can find in the feet.  These are a little more sophisticated in that we can narrow it down to your foot type.  They’re fun looking with fun colors, different sizes, but I’ve had extremely good success with these as well.  They cost much less than our custom orthotics.  

We have lots of options.  No need to suffer with that foot pain! Come to see us and we will get that fixed!