Summer is on the way! I can feel the excitement in the air. While a smokin’ beach bod may be out of reach for many of us, nice looking feet can be available to us all. And yes, I’m talking to the men as well. If those toenails or skin are just a bit on the funky side, we may hesitate to put on our favorite summer sandals. Let’s talk about some ways to get your feet ready for the public!

Toenail Fungus Making Your Toenails Ugly?

This is a big concern for many of us. Don’t just paint over the problem, get it fixed! Toenail fungus is one of the most common problems we treat at the Hermiston Family Foot Clinic. Fungus thrives in a dark, moist environment which is exactly where our feet are most of the time. Fungus also “feed” on our skin and nails. They are called dermatophytes (derm meaning skin) and they can cause infections on the skin, hair and nails. Don’t be an unwilling host to these critters! There are ways to kick them out!

Keep your feet clean and dry.

Remember, fungus likes dark and moist so think light and dry. This is where sandals can be healthy for your feet. If you are in shoes and boots all day, take them off at home and give your toes some air. Don’t wear the same shoes every day so they have a chance to dry out.

Wash those feet when you take a shower.

The water running off your body down to your feet is not enough. Get in there with a shower sponge or wash cloth. Then do the same to dry them off.

Use an antifungal powder or spray.

Do this especially if you have had athlete’s foot or nail fungus in the past.

Buy quality socks.

Socks are like shoes. There are cheap, low quality socks and there are more expensive high quality socks. The better socks are made of superior mToenails green whiteoisture-wicking material that will help keep your feet dry.

Fungal Infections of Toenails (Onychomycosis)

If a fungus does take up residence in your toenails, you will start to see yellow and white discoloration in the nail plate. As this goes on the fungus can take over the nail to where it becomes yellow, thick and develops spongy debris under the nail. This can then spread to all the nails and also the skin creating a constant source of fungus on your body.

Topical Nail Medications.

There are a ton of these available at your local pharmacy. They can be worth trying especially if the area to treat is fairly small. Now, here’s the key: You must use them twice daily for at least 6 weeks to determine if it is working. (Pro Tip: Take a picture with your cell phone before you start. Progress is slow and it is very helpful to have a reference point)

Treat those shoes!

Remember, those little fungus critters can hang out in your shoes for a long time. They are ready to leap back on to your nice clean feet and start the process all over again. Don’t wear the same shoes or boots every day. Pull out the insole (if they are removable) and let them dry for 24 hours. Spray the insole and shoe with Lysol or similar product. This should kill most of the freeloaders hanging out in your shoes.

Prescription medications.

One of the most effective and commonly used is Terbinafine (Lamisil). This is a tablet taken once a day for toenail fungal infection. Of course, the sooner you take this after nail fungus is diagnosed, the more likely you will achieve a complete cure.

The Trifecta.

Combining the power of a high quality topical medication with a specially formulated shoe spray plus prescription Terbinafine will give you the best chance of achieving summer ready feet and toenails!

Summer Ready Feet

For most of us, we do not give our feet the love they deserve. They are often hidden and easy to ignore until they start to complain! It is helpful to put foot cream or other products by your bed so you are reminded to use it every day. Don’t let fungus use your feet for their home! Come see us today if you need help with a summer foot health shape up!

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